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Hikari is a publisher of international journals and books in science, technology and medicine founded in 2005. Hikari editions cover a wide range of disciplines with journals included in the main abstracting and indexing databases, and cataloged in significant number of libraries and specialized repositories.       •   Publication Ethics
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Why publish with Hikari? We provide:

  ▸ DOI of your articles
  ▸ Indexing in leading databases
  ▸ Screening for plagiarism
  ▸ Digital preservation of your articles
  ▸ Author retains copyright
  ▸ Personalized service
  ▸ Sustainable publishing model
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Hikari is a member of Publishers International Linking Association (CrossRef) and a co-founder of ICORE.  

Recently published articles:

▸   Beong In Yun
      A cumulative averaging method for piecewise polynomial approximation to discrete data
      Applied Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 10, 2016, no. 7, 331-343

▸   S.O. Alharbi, T.L. Alderson, M.H. Hamdan
      Flow of a fluid with pressure-dependent viscosity through porous media
      Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Vol. 9, 2016, no. 1, 1-9

▸   Fedir Pletnyov, Ayodeji A. Jeje
      Geometric multigrid method for steady Buoyancy convection in vertical cylinders
      Contemporary Engineering Sciences, Vol. 9, 2016, no. 2, 47-70

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