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In the Press

New UK Open Access policy

Portico e-journal service reaches historic milestone
      Portico, USA

The British Library and Portico work together on e-journal deposit infrastructure
      Portico, USA

DOAJ celebrates 10 years at the heart of Open Access
      Directory of Open Access Journals, EU

Position statement of Science Europe on transition to Open Access
      Principles for the Transition to Open Access to Research Publications

How to hasten open access
      Nature 495, 442-443, 2013

UK Research Councils Policy on Open Access and Supporting Guidance
      Research Councils, United Kingdom

Supporting Open Access Publishing
      CERN, Switzerland

Celebrating Equilateralism
      SIAM News, Volume 45, Number 1, January/February 2012

Free access to British scientific research within two years: Radical shakeup of academic publishing will allow papers to be put online and be accessed by universities, firms and individuals
      The Guardian, Sunday 15 July 2012

Online or invisible?
      Nature, Volume 411, Number 6837, p. 521, 2001.

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