Company Profile

Company name:
Hikari Ltd
Company location:

Postal address:
Hikari Ltd, P.O. Box 85
Rousse 7000, Bulgaria

Street address:
Hikari Ltd, Rui planina str. 4, ent.7, fl.5
Rousse 7005, Bulgaria

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Company description:
Hikari is publisher of journals and books in science, technology, medicine and economics. The company was founded in 2005 and it is registered and operating in Bulgaria.
Our mission:
Hikari provides free access to our books and free access to all papers of published issues of our journals. Forthcoming issues and articles in press contain papers which have been copy edited and formatted. Articles in press are citable but should not be considered as a final form of publication since text could still change before final publication.
Profesional membership:
Digital preservation:
The journals of Hikari are digitally archived in Portico.