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Open special issue: Sustainable and Innovative Research in Industry 4.0
      Guest editors: Ilaria Zambon, Gianluca Egidi, Fabiano Rinaldi and Sirio Cividino

Recent Articles

Edison Henao Castaneda, Carlos Alberto Romero, Hector Fabio Quintero
      Synthesis of a variable stroke slider crank mechanism for a reciprocating internal combustion engine
      Contemporary Engineering Sciences, Vol. 11, 2018, no. 104, 5127-5146

Edwin A. Cano Otero, Juan D. De la Hoz, Nadia Leon, Osman Redondo, Mauricio Bonett, Alberto Roncallo P., Alex Raad P.
      Analysis of the savings and investment alternatives offered by the intermediary markets of the Colombian financial system
      Contemporary Engineering Sciences, Vol. 11, 2018, no. 104, 5147-5153

Rosa Maria Rodriguez Baron, Jose L Diaz Ballesteros, Monica Arrazola David, Cristina Marsiglia Charrasquiel, Jorge Navarro, Jenny Ferreira Simmonds, Alberto Enrique Mercado Sarmiento
      Health and safety at work, the commitment of Colombian companies in the area of continual improvement
      Contemporary Engineering Sciences, Vol. 11, 2018, no. 104, 5155-5163

Contemporary Engineering Sciences

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