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Recent Articles

Efren Vazquez-Silva, Gabriela Abad-Farfan, Pablo Gerardo Pena-Tapia, Paul Bolivar Torres-Jara, Freddy Patricio Moncayo-Matute, Tony Jesus Viloria-Avila, Mary Josefina Vergara-Paredes, Andres Fernando Andrade-Galarza, Nathalie Cristina Pinos-Velez
      Composites and hybrid materials used for implants and bone reconstruction: a state of the art
      Contemporary Engineering Sciences, Vol. 15, 2022, no. 1, 105-135

Pierre-Samuel Greau-Hamard, Moise Djoko-Kouam, Yves Louet
      BaNet3F: a Bayesian network approach to automatic binary frame format identification
      Contemporary Engineering Sciences, Vol. 15, 2022, no. 1, 85-104

Gaston Sanglier Contreras, Aurora Hernandez Gonzalez, Ines Serrano Fernandez, Carmen B. Martinez Cepa, Juan Carlos Zuil Escobar
      Leadership as a tool in education
      Contemporary Engineering Sciences, Vol. 15, 2022, no. 1, 75-83

Contemporary Engineering Sciences

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