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Open special issue: Sustainable and Innovative Research in Industry 4.0
      Guest editors: Ilaria Zambon, Gianluca Egidi, Fabiano Rinaldi and Sirio Cividino

Recent Articles

Issa Konate, Tekpo P. A. Dali, Kezo Ponaho Claude
      Optimization of doses during the front lumbar spine X-ray examination in eastern Cote d'Ivoire
      Contemporary Engineering Sciences, Vol. 14, 2021, no. 1, 109-115

B. Luna-Benoso, J. C. Martinez-Perales, J. Cortes-Galicia
      The skills and use of technologies in the home office in times of pandemic
      Contemporary Engineering Sciences, Vol. 14, 2021, no. 1, 97-108

G. Passarelli, G. Casadidio, P. Tenna, M. Agamennone
      Tests on fuel cell by innovative small size prototype plant
      Contemporary Engineering Sciences, Vol. 14, 2021, no. 1, 91-96

Contemporary Engineering Sciences

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