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by QU Haidong and LIU Xuan


This book contains 4 papers of the authors, and all of which are on the research of differential equations with boundary value problem. The results obtained from these papers are new.

I wish first of all to thank the teachers of the Hanshan Normal University, in particular Prof. Ke Hansong, Prof. Xu Shaoyuan, Prof. Lin Wenxian and Prof. Xiao Gang for their invaluable aid during the writing of this work, the detailed explanations, the patience and the precision in the suggestions, the supplied solutions, the competence and the kindness. Thanks also to my students Dong Lige, Luo Xiaodan and all the people who have discussed with me on the problem of the differential equations, prodigal of precious observations and good advices.

Finally, thanks to My father-in-law (Liu Yingjun) and My mother-in-law (Li Yingjie), who gave me a lot of support for this work. In particular thanks to my virtuous wife and my cute daughter.

Qu Haidong
Hanshan Normal University

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