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Indexing and abstracting

Cites per Paper of Pure Mathematical Sciences: 0,159.

H index: 7

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      CrossRef (USA)
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      J-Gate Portal (India)
      Socolar (P.R. China)
      Serials Solutions (USA)
      Research GATE (USA,EU)
      MathGuide (Germany)
      Referativnij Zhurnal (Russia), etc.

The scientific indicators of Pure Mathematical Sciences have been computed by www.harzing.com/pop.htm   (Harzing, A.W., Publish or Perish) / Tarma Software Research Ltd


Cites per Paper

Cites per Paper is a measure reflecting the average number of citations received per paper published in the journal during the two preceding years, namely,
      A = the number of times articles published in the preceding two years which were cited by all journals during the current year.
      B = the total number of papers published by the journal in the preceding two years.
      Cites per Paper = A/B.
Cites per Paper is computed by the same formula as journal impact factor of ISI-Thomson Reuters.

H index

The H index expresses the journal's number of articles (h) that have received at least h citations. It quantifies both scientific productivity and scientific impact of a journal and it is also applicable to scientists, countries, etc.

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