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Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Richard K. Owusu-Apenten,   University of Ulster, UK

Editorial Board:

Cecile Autret-Lambert,   University of Tours, France

Rabah Boukherroub,   University of Lille, France

Xu-Liang Cao,   Bureau of Chemical Safety, Canada

Claudio Di Iaconi,   Water Research Institute, Italy

Ahmed A. El-Sherif,   Cairo University, Egypt

Maolin Guo,   University of Massachusetts, USA

Olivier Heudi,   Novartis Pharma, Switzerland

Xiaosong Huang,   GM Global R&D, USA

Prakash Chandra Jha,   Central University of Gujarat, India

Mounir Maafi,   De Montfort University, UK

Pedro M. Mancini,   Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina

M. Nadagouda,   US Environmental Protection Agency, USA

Shuichi Nakamura,   Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

Nagatoshi Nishiwaki,   Kochi University of Technology, Japan

D.P.S. Rathore,   Atomic Minerals Directorate ER, Jaipur, India

V. Prakash Reddy,   Missouri Univ. of Science and Technology, USA

M. Paula Robalo,   Instituto Sup. de Engenharia de Lisboa, Portugal

Radhey Srivastava,   University of Louisiana, USA

Darren Sun,   Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Tanaji Talele,   St. John's University, USA

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