About Us and Our Mission

About us

Hikari Ltd was founded in 2005 and it is registered and operating in Bulgaria. Hikari is a publisher of international scientific journals and books. Hikari editions cover a wide range of disciplines with journals cataloged in significant number of libraries and specialized repositories. The company provides database of academic and industry jobs in the fields of mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, chemistry, life sciences, medical sciences, environmental sciences, computer science, economics, law, social sciences and management in government and academia.

About our mission

Hikari aims to provide innovative multifunctional service to scientists and research professionals worldwide. Our services include maintaining of database of academic and industry jobs and publishing of high quality scientific journals and books. We will continue to keep our growing force and develop the high quality knowledge-based products and service for the scientific, academic, research and professional communities worldwide.

Our key executives

E. Minchev

E. Minchev holds master's degree from Sofia University and Ph.D degree from Chiba University, Japan. He has specialized in mathematical sciences in Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. E. Minchev stayed for research work at University of Oldenburg (Germany), University of Amiens (France), University of Haifa (Israel), University of Gdansk (Poland), University of Graz (Austria), etc. He is author of a monograph and over 80 research papers published in international journals.

Plamena Yordanova

Plamena Yordanova graduated from Ruse University, Bulgaria with master's degree in engineering sciences.