Journal of Innovative Technology and Education

Indexing and Abstracting

Bibliometric data for Vol. 2, 2015

Total number of papers published in 2015:   10
Year:   2015     2016     2017  
Total citations:   -   -   2
Averaged in time number of citations:   -   -   0,067

M index (max value of averaged in time number of citations): 0,067 in 2017

H index: 1

Detailed citation information of articles is available at the web page associated to the respective paper. The scientific indicators of Journal of Innovative Technology and Education have been computed on the basis of (Harzing, A.W.) / Tarma Software Research Ltd and Google Scholar research database.

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M index

M index of a journal's volume is a measure of the maximal value of averaged in time total number of citations per paper per respective volume.

Averaged citations

Averaged citations is a measure reflecting the average number of citations received per paper published in the journal during the preceding years.

H index

H index expresses the journal's number of articles (h) that have received at least h citations. It quantifies both scientific productivity and scientific impact of a journal and it is also applicable to scientists, countries, etc.