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Special issues

Open special issue: Theory, Application and Practice in Engineering and Technology
      Guest editors: Pandian Vasant, Vish Kallimani and Joga Dharma

Launch your special issue with Hikari journals

Hikari welcomes initiatives to launch special issues of our journals in all fields of science, technology and medicine.

Special issues deal with focused topics with high current interest and are organized by recognized experts in the respective area. Special Issue proposals should be submitted to: special.issues@m-hikari.com and must include the following:

- Title of the special issue:

- Names of guest editors:

- Short description of the topics considered in the issue:

- Important dates:

The papers in the issue will be indexed and abstracted by the leading databases and scientific directories. Special issues are published with priority as the online publication is completed with one week. The corresponding author of each paper will be provided with the electronic files of the final form of papers by e-mail as well as reprints with covers by priority airmail after the publication of the issue.

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