International Journal of Big Data, AI & IoT

Aims and Scopes

The International Journal of Big Data, AI & IoT (IJBDAI) publishes high-quality research papers on theoretical innovation, methodologies and related case studies on wide range of topics in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Hadoop and Atrain Distributed System, Intelligent Network, Applications in Smart technologies and Sustainable Technologies, and in all the relevant areas including Statistics, Linear Algebra, Graph Theory, Soft-computing, etc.

In the Big Data era, mechanisms must be created to store, process, discover, learn, analyze and predict from a massive set of data. The IJBDAI examines the issues and challenges facing big data. The IJBDAI provides opportunity for giving out information on both theoretical and applied research on artificial intelligence. The IoT model promises internetworking surroundings where several enabled heterogeneous devices are connected in diverse ways with changeable levels of intelligence and capabilities. The scope areas of IoT are (but not limited to) : IoT system architecture, IoT communication and networking protocols, IoT services and applications, IoT enabling technologies and the social implications of IoT. The IJBDAI offers a exclusive platform to exchange scientific information on the entire span of science, technology and societal applications of the IoT.