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Editorial Board


Yahya Khraisat,   Al-Balqa' Applied University, Jordan
Andrea Colantoni,   University of Tuscia, Italy

Publication Ethics Editor:

Mohammed Husseini,   Beirut Research and Innovation Center, Lebanon

Editorial Board:

Xian-An Cao,   West Virginia University, USA

Francesco D'Auria,   University of Pisa, Italy

Dario Friso,   University of Padova, Italy

Z. Ghassemlooy,   University of New Castle, UK

Ali H. Harmouch, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Yasushi Itoh,   Shonan Institute of Technology, Japan

Karim Kabalan,   American University of Beirut, Lebanon

T. S. Kalkur,   University of Colorado, USA

Krzysztof Kulpa,   Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Lev Kuravsky,   Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Russia

Yalin Lu,   Air Force Academy, USA

Himanshu Monga,   JCDM College of Engineering, India

E. Nikulchev,   Moscow Technological Institute, Russia

Krishnamachar Prasad,   AUT University, New Zealand

Stefano Sorace,   University of Udine, Italy

F. Yakuphanoglu,   Firat University, Turkey

Felix Yanovsky,   National Aviation University, Ukraine

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