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Editorial Board

Mehdi Ahmadian,   Virginia Tech, USA

G. Q. Cai,   Florida Atlantic University, USA

Marco Ceccarelli,   University of Cassino, Italy

Bogdan Epureanu,   University of Michigan, USA

Robert Handler,   Texas A&M University, USA

Essam E Khalil,   Cairo University, Egypt

K. M. Liew,   City University of Hong Kong, China

P. R. de Souza Mendes,   Pontifical Catholic University RJ, Brazil

Duc Truong Pham,   University of Birmingham, UK

Ahmed A. Shabana,   University of Illinois, USA

Y. Shindo,   Tohoku University, Japan

B.S. Shvartsman,   Estonian Entrepreneurship Univ. of Appl. Sci., Estonia

Wei Sun,   University of Nottingham, UK

Kumar K. Tamma,   University of Minnesota, USA

Yeong-Bin Yang,   National Taiwan University, Taiwan

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